16. A breathtaking panorama along the Italian Alpi
Villar Dora TO, Italia


Piemonte – Torino

The sheer rock on which the Castle of Villar Dora was built is a formidable natural defence and this must have been an incentive to build houses and fortifications since early Middle Ages, as archaeological finds indicate. Through the centuries several families were invested with the feud up to the Provana of Carignano (1359) and then, because of the lack of male descendants, the Counts Antonielli d’Oulx (1850) who still inhabit the Castle. Alterations were made over time due to changing fashions and new housing needs: it now preserves in its halls the austere medieval structure interpreted according to the tastes of the end of XIX century, a period in which the park was also designed. Counts Antoniellid’Oulx are use to spend long periods in the Castle, usually during summer time, and they will welcome visitors with history and legends connected with the castle…


  • Experience: Historical discovery
  • Folklore performances
  • Inside: 100 pax
  • Limousine service
  • Musical performances
  • Outside: 200 pax
  • Turin Airport: 30 Km



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