10. A wonderful castle in the Po Valley
Chignolo Po ( Pavia)


The oldest part of the Castle of Chignolo Po, is the great tower, from which is controlled a long stretch of the Po River.It is believed that it was built by King Liutprando around 740 AC, when Pavia was the capital of the Lombards, in order to serve as a fortress of defense and garrison on the Po and the Via di Monte Bordone, later called via Francigena – Romea linking northern Europe with Rome.
The culinary landscape of the area stems from the great traditions who can present itself with renewed originality. Large farms and then meat in abundance, ancient techniques for processing of meats and sausages, unattainable art of cheese, but also the production of traditional agricultural products and fish.  Pavia and Piacenza’s wines complete the wide variety of culinary territory. 


  • Experience: Gourmet dinner
  • Experience: Historical discovery
  • Folklore performances
  • Heliport
  • Inside: 200 pax
  • Milan Airport : Km 50
  • Musical performances
  • Outside: 400 pax



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