21. Turin & the Piedmontese Countryside !
Torino, Italia

Piemonte – Torino

The Villa is situated in one of the largest Parks in Piedmont and its present appearance is the fruit of measures taken from the beginning of the 19th century to renovate the building. The works which took place covered a wide area and the aim was to separate the residence from the medieval farms.
To the north of the main building the plan of the park of hornbeams which is shown on the designs of architect Xavier Kurten and which reaches the entrance of the main building and the family chapel where over the centuries all of the family events took place.
Many of the trees in the park are ancient, there are big oak trees, horse chestnuts, plane trees, Austrian pines, ash trees, white cedars, biloba gingko, cypress trees, magnolias, poplars, hornbeams, tulip trees, cedars of Lebanon, hortensias and Diospyros Virginiana (Amerbecomes more formal with large, elliptical lawns on either side of a tree-lined avenue ican kaki, over 20m high). Recently holly bushes and bamboo have also been planted as well as white hortensia”, Hydrangea arborescens


  • Experience: Gourmet dinner
  • Experience: Nature Walk
  • Heliport
  • Inside: 80 pax
  • Limousine service
  • Milan Airport: 180 Km
  • Musical performances
  • Outside: 500 pax
  • Suites & Bedrooms: 5
  • Turin Airport: 60 Km



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