Castello di tagliolo Welcome to the Castle

A pleasant stop

Upon visiting Tagliolo Monferrato, I am welcomed by Luca Pinelli Gentile who lives here all year round in the family castle which dominates this small medieval village. The Tagliolo Castle, overlooking a large region of Alto Monferrato (High Montferrat), is one of the most evocative of its kind for those who love historical-memory brought to life through ancient architecture. Strategically located between Milan and Genoa, the castle has passed through several feudal lords including Spinola and Doria, passing from the Republic of Genoa to the Duchy of Milan. The current owners, the Marquess and Marchioness Pinelli Gentile, dedicate themselves to the Castles winery, the Azienda Agricola del Castello di Tagliolo, which produces excellent wines and is considered to be one of the most prestigious in the Alto Monferrato region. An experience which is not to be missed is the wine tasting led by Luca Pinelli who transmits his passion for grappa and red, white and sparkling wines, which he himself produces with the support of expert winemakers. On special occasions it is also possible to taste the famous Genoese focaccia together with traditional Ligurian dishes. 

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