Based on our wealth of experience, we take pride in offering a continuously updated selection of some of the most beautiful and important privately-owned Historic Residences in Italy.  We also offer a selection of some of the best wineries in Italy, producing the finest of Italian wines, some of which are ideally located in the castles themselves or the farmsteads attached to them. An enticing cocktail of beautiful scenery and nature, food and wine, art and culture, allowing you to share the passion of those who work the land and are unceasingly committed to preserving the environment and landscape, as well as those who, by opening their homes to you the visitor, are thoroughly committed to passing on the historical memory and knowledge of their roots to future generations. Each residence and winery, whether based in the countryside or city, has been chosen for its unique characteristics. Having visited each location personally, we have gathered all the information you need to confidently choose the most suitable location for your event, saving you the time and effort of doing so.  We can provide you with details on room capacities, outdoor spaces, parking options, catering facilities, accessibility, the distance from cities, stations and airports, and far more.


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