Palazzasso Welcome to the Castle

A stop-over in Val Grana

Not far from the Filatoio di Caraglio, a majestic building with exposed brick walls rises up among the green fields which surround it, the Tenuta il Palazzasso, a truly enchanting place where you can stop off for lunch or dinner after exploring the local area. This vast sixteenth-century residence, which has been handed down through generations of the Galleani d’Agliano family for more than five hundred years, was designed by Amedeo di Castellamonte, court architect for the House of Savoy. The agricultural part of the estate, which is still the heart of operations today, was once a real autonomous village where laborers and artisans lived with their families providing an authentic example of rural life. The self-sufficient community had everything they needed to thrive, including a school, baker, blacksmith and carpenter, and even today, despite the situation having changed, the liveliness of the village and its people can still be perceived! Andrea and Francesca Galleani d’Agliano, who have chosen to live at the Palazzasso all year round to devote themselves to its agricultural activity and to keep the family traditions alive, accompany me on a visit to the rooms on the “piano nobile” (noble floor) of the residence, which are richly decorated yet warm and lived in. We continue our visit in the historic park which surrounds the house and provides enchanting views down to the horizon and across the countryside. A tour of the garden offers an unforgettable experience for those enthused by botany. Along the park’s main avenue, between hillocks and playhouses, you can admire rare and impressive plants which date back centuries: sycamore trees, horse chestnut trees, yew trees and a majestic tunnel of hornbeam trees which is one of a kind! The residence is the perfect venue for organizing private and corporate events, including cooking courses specializing in Piedmontese cuisine, with the added delight of visits by producers of typical local cheeses

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