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A visit to the estates and winery of the Marquess Cisa Asinari di Grésy is a wonderful experience, not only due to the quality of the wine produced, but above all for the friendliness, passion and energy with which you are welcomed by the owner Alberto di Gresy, with his wife Giovanna and their children! Of the wine estates in the Barbaresco area, theirs is considered to be one of excellence and all the wines produced from their vineyards have consolidated their success on an international level. As Rossella O’Hara said in Gone with the Wind, the secret is the LAND… and the di Gresy family in fact own four vineyards located in the Langhe and Montferrat regions, in locations chosen specifically for the production of the greatest Piedmontese wines: Martinenga which stands on a hill with the same name in Treiso d’Alba, only a few kilometers from the winery’s headquarters; Colle Monte Aribaldo, which is also in Treiso d’Alba; La Serra which stands on the hills of Cassine, in the Alessandria area of ​​Montferrat; and Monte Colombo, which is on top of the hill adjacent to La Serra. I have visited the winery and vineyards several times, always admiring the extensive range of wines they produce, each having their distinctive style which reflects the owner’s desire for only the highest quality, and each complementing the specific characteristic of their “terroir”. The Marquess’s winery is enveloped within an amphitheater of vineyards in the heart of Italy’s prestigious Barbaresco wine-growing area. The house is typically 19th century in style, the rural part of which has been transformed into a production site with several wine-tasting rooms and hospitality areas, where you can also stay the night. The equipment used is modern and ideally suited to producing great wines, while the beautiful barrique wine cellar and the breathtaking views are particularly noteworthy! Wines produced: Their most famous wine is the Camp Gros Martinenga Barbaresco Riserva DOGC, while the Nebiolo Doc Martinenga is very pleasant and drinkable and their white wines include Sauvignon and Chardonnay Langhe D.O.C.

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