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Foscolian Memories

Who does not remember Ugo Foscolo’s famous Ode “All’Amica Risanata”? The Ode was composed by the famous poet in homage to his lover Countess Antonietta Fagnani Arese, a beautiful woman who loved to surround herself with artists and writers and who lived in Villa Arese Lucini. This splendid aristocratic residence, which dates back to the end of the 16th century, was often visited by Fuscolo for private visits with the Countess he loved and for parties which she organized. When I visited the Villa, I was welcomed with enthusiasm by Luisa Arese Lucini who accompanied me on a visit to the house, describing Fuscolo’s connection to the Countess.  The Villa, which is still owned by the Arese Lucini family who love spending time there, is surrounded by an immense and well-kept English park. A series of richly decorated rooms and halls can be found on the ground floor, with an imposing marble staircase taking you to the first floor where you can see magnificent coffered ceilings, frescoes, the family’s collection of “chinoiserie” and a beautiful library, which make it one of the most sumptuous and best preserved villas in Lombardy. La Torciera, a richly decorated and recently restored seventeenth-century building which is attached to the Villa, is the ideal venue for business meetings and indoor private events for up to 400 people, providing a setting of surprising beauty and refinement. Your guests can additionally experience the “Contemporary Classic” recipes of Michelin starred chef Enrico Bartolini who blends past traditions with modern influences, giving life to new flavors and memorable experiences!

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