Marchierù Sera welcome to the castle

Myth, Legends and Ghosts

I had heard of the legend of the Lady of the Court of Queen Maria Teresa of Savoy, Maria Canera di Salasco who is said to appear on windy nights, mourning her past.  She approaches the bed which had previously belonged to her son Carlo Alberto in Marchierù Castle in Piedmont, not far from Turin. Intrigued by the story of the ghost, I decided to visit the Castle to find out more. I was welcomed by Paola Prunas Tola who is the current owner of the Castle and who lives there with her partner. She gave me a tour of the house, recounting the legend of Lady Salasco, and showed me the beautiful collection of 12th century buildings which comprise the Castle, the aristocratic Chapel, the stables and the ancient Soave farmhouse, which originally belonged to the House of Savoy-Achaea, and as such was fortified with various defensive features. In the 18th century the buildings were transformed into a residential home, characterized by an internal courtyard decorated with horizontal colored bands in a neo-Gothic style. Private parties and weddings can be organized in the house and its large surrounding garden, as well as corporate receptions and team building events such as cooking competitions.

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