malabaia welcome to the castle

Visit to the “infernotto”, the Castle’s hidden wine cellar

A very enjoyable experience in autumn, especially during the harvest period, is a visit to the Canale d’Alba Castle in the region which stretches between Alba, Asti and Turin, and which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014. The Castle, which has been owned by the Malabaila Counts since 1512, was initially built in the 13th century and was then remodeled in the 17th century. Attached to the castle is an “infernotto”, a hidden and protected antique cellar in which the best vintages of the family’s wines are preserved, all wines which have been produced on the family’s land over the past centuries. On visiting the Castle, I am welcomed by Lucrezia Malabaila, a young and passionate entrepreneur and “woman of wine”, who guides me to discover not only her wines, but also the aromas and characteristics of the “terroir”, to put it in French, taking me on a walk to explore the vineyards of the Roero region! We finish our visit in the Castle’s Wine Cellars, the walls of which preserve the family’s very best vintages, to be uncorked with the family on special occasions. Talking of special occasions, these spaces are ideal for organizing events, both private and corporate, including weddings, anniversary celebrations and business meetings.

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