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Tradition and innovation in the Dante Alighieri’s estate

Amarone is one of the most internationally popular and sought-after wines. Among the companies which produce this fine wine is the Serego Alighieri Winery, which is only a few kilometers from Verona city and Lake Garda, and which I take great pleasure in recommending. The Estate, which already had a reputation for its excellent vineyards, was purchased by Pietro Alighieri, the son of the poet Dante who followed his father to Verona during his exile in 1353. Twenty-one generations later, the Serego Alighieri family continues the tradition, supported by the Masi Group of the Boscaini family who have cultivated vineyards in Valpollicella for two hundred years.  Together they produce some remarkable wines which have found success throughout the world and which have helped to relaunch the quality and image of Amarone. The Estates of both Serego Alighieri and the Masi Group deserve to be visited, where you can taste some of the great wines they produce in combination with a selection of local cheeses, providing the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation… an experience not to be missed! During my visit, in addition to the ancient wine cellar with its large wooden barrels which emanate the scent of cherry, I was particularly fascinated by the historic “Fruttaio” which is truly one of a kind. The Fruttaio, reminiscent of times past, is used to dry Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes which have been gathered into large wooden containers, where they are left to rest for the winter months before being used to produce the great wines of the Valpolicella region: the potent Amarone and the sweet Recioto. I highly recommend tasting Vaio Armaron, an important wine with an alcohol content of over 15%, which is a classic Amarone DOCG and one of the Estate’s specialties, as well as Recioto DOCG Casal dei Ronchi, which is a sweet red dessert wine. The name Recioto comes from the term “recie” meaning “ears” in dialect, a traditional local term used to represent the top part of the bunch which has higher concentrations of sugars and aromas. Their white wine Possessioni, which is a mixture of Sauvignon and Garganega grapes, is also very pleasant and is excellent for aperitifs in the summer. When visiting the Serego Alighieri Winery it is possible to stay in their Foresteria, but ensure you book early!

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