A Walk Through The Hydrangeas

For garden enthusiasts, I recommend a visit to the Torrione, a beautiful medieval residence which was completely remodeled in the 1800s and is located in the countryside around Pinerolo, 30 km from Turin. The mansion, which is still home to the Doria Lamba family, is surrounded by one of the largest private parks in Piedmont, which was designed by the landscape architect Xavier Kurten, who was also the architect behind the great gardens of the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy. The park was designed based on the English-inspired romantic model which followed the fashions of the time: avenues and waterways alternating with centuries-old plants and magnificent hydrangea bushes. The park is a real pleasure for nature lovers…  huge oaks, sycamore trees, Austrian pines and Lebanese cedars can be admired among the many trees that grow in the park. At the end of June, when the hydrangeas burst into flower, the spectacle is truly extraordinary! Both private and corporate reception events can be organized at the residence, as well as “wellness” walks where you can explore the flora and fauna which populate the lake and the glades which surround it.  “Botanical Watercolor” courses can also be organized in the grounds of the residence.  These painting workshops are led by an expert master painter who will show you how to reproduce the colors of nature. 

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