Vigneti Diurno Welcome to the Castle

Wine tasting in the Castle’s wine cellar

When I first visited Gabiano Castle after being invited by its owners Giacomo and Emanuela Cattaneo Adorno Giustiniani, I was enchanted by its breathtaking views! The Castle is one of the oldest and most widely known in Montferrat and has been cited in sources dating as far back as the eighth century.  The castle has dominated the Po Valley for over a thousand years, surrounded by steep vineyards that change their color with the changing seasons and maintain their charm even in the winter when they are covered with snow. The stone building with its visible brickwork maintains the characteristics of a medieval castle both inside and out: the crenellated walls, the roof terrace with its double-arched windows from which you can admire the view, the towers and the chivalric frescoes. In the castle’s wine cellars, which date back to the twelfth century, you can visit the barrique cellar which is divided into distinct sectors according to individual vintage and region of origin.  You can also visit the Castle’s private collection of antique vintages dating back to 1804. For those who wish to learn more, the tour can be extended with a sensory analysis of the wines, with the added possibility of coupling the wine-tasting with traditional gourmet foods from the Montferrat region. The Castle is ideal for either day visits or short stays of two or more days.

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